To achieve out-sid-er status, according to Merriam Webster’s definition, one must be a person who does not belong or is not accepted as a part of a particular group or organization.

It gets even worse if you go by the “chiefly British” angle on the word: A contender not expected to win.  Ouch!

SEATTLE OUTSIDER MUSINGS blogger Maggie MacNeill does not necessarily assume
the mantle of either of those definitions.  But as a recently transplanted Seattleite — by way of Delaware, Maryland, New York, and Connecticut — Maggie readily admits she has work to do assimilating into the Pacific Northwest scene.

Born and raised in New England, it was ultimately family members living in Seattle who lured Maggie to the city in the summer of 2012.  Leaving behind the historic 18th
century Little Creek Friends Meetinghouse that she and her ex restored and
adaptively-reused as their domestic domicile for 12 years, Maggie packed-up her
belongings and moved West.  Were it not for her stuff that remains in storage back in Delaware, she’d never look back…

But, what about the…well, you know–cultural differences?

For like-minded transplants who may be experiencing similar cultural divide
symptoms, Maggie advises: Getoverit and vive la diference!  It’s just an oldfashioned East Coast/Left Coast, Red State/Blue State kinda thing.  With apologies to Rudyard Kipling, though, sometimes the twain just ain’t never gonna meet.  And that’s just fine with Maggie…

Ever the proverbial fly on the wall, Maggie loves to observe and critique those
differences.  And in the end, she mostly delights in them, often with a wistful whateverrrr roll of the eyes.  This attitude helps assuage her perceived outsider-ness as it relates to her adopted hometown, something Maggie never quite got used to as a transplanted Yankee living in Delawhere?, a place where 7th-generation First Staters aren’t all that uncommon.  Paying up to six figures for low digit license plate numbers also took THIS outsider some getting used to, but that’s just one of the interesting things they do back yonder…

In relocating to Seattle, Maggie has been blessed by being reunited with her younger sibling, Holly (a resident of the area since graduating from college back in the 70s), and Natalie, Momma Maggie’s 23-year-old daughter who left the nest four years ago to seek fame, fortune & fun (not necessarily in that order) in Seattle.

Maggie has also found great joy in the form of the new love of her life, Mike, a fellow writer, and soon-to-be-published author of a vintage sports car racing book.  This pair definitely clicks, despite cultural differences.  Love does conquers all!

And so does humor, which Maggie employs generously, to great effect, in just about every aspect of her life.  When not writing, Maggie doubles as a professional chef.  She is also an avid gardener and jazz aficionado.


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  1. Nicole says:

    Hi Maggie. A wonderful page. I do not know how to get it done. Can you add more pictures of yourself and your family? You look beautiful. I have to see you soon.

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