The Honor the Fallen Edition


Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer in the America.  But let us not forget the REAL reason the last Monday in May is celebrated: To honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice defending our nation’s freedom.
Regardless of whether you might have personally known someone who lost their life in the line of service to their country, WM would like to suggest observing a moment of silence before chowing down at the backyard barbeque this holiday.


hose band
Or maybe cheering on a hometown parade might be more your thing. If you’re lucky, it’ll be an event that includes a marching band half as good as the multi-award winning Citizens Hose Company Band.  For years, I used to follow them along their annual Memorial Day parade route through the streets of the historic district of Smyrna, Delaware.  This dedicated 87-member band is the 35-time winner of the coveted Governor’s Cup award for Best Appearing Fire Company with Music, part of the State’s annual volunteer Firefighter’s competition, held in Dover.  Ah, what sweet memories of bygone times where WM raised her family!


colone flowers
Perhaps you’ll decide to visit a veterans cemetery to pay respects to our fallen heroes.  If you are in need of inspiration as to how you can “rightfully remember” a veteran by adopting a grave, go online (link below) for the CBS Nightly News video of Steve Hartman’s May 27 On the Road segment.  The heartfelt story of how Army Airborne soldier John Colone, who had been shot four times during battle, taken to the morgue in a body bag, tagged “DOA”, was miraculously saved from the dead.  Thanks to the plantar reflex testing efforts of the morgue officer on duty at the time, Colone survived.  He lives on to this day honoring the members of his battalion who lost their lives back in 1968 by faithfully tending to their graves and 160+ other vets every Memorial Day.  What a hero!



kplu logo

$7 Million Raised in Time to Save KPLU–WOOOOHOO!

As a devoted jazz fan, WM is deliriously happy to report that her favorite “Jazz, Blues and NPR News” station–88.5 FM–has met its goal to raise the $7,000,000 necessary to save the station’s broadcast license from the clutches of UW/KUOW.  This major feat was accomplished more than a month before the July 30 deadline, proving beyond a doubt that KPLU listeners are a loyal lot and are not afraid to put their money where their ears are!

But, here’s the thing.  While the suits are crossing their “t”s and dotting their “i”s on finalizing the sale to the Friends of KPLU, the station’s future operating budget will still be in need of funding.

Now for the plug: If you haven’t already contributed to the Friends of KPLU’s cause (and you know who you are…), it isn’t too late!

Do the right thing and go to, and click on DONATE NOW


Have a memorable Memorial Day



P.S. A surprisingly good read during this hyper-inflated election year season is the May 30 Seattle Times’ Opinion column entitled: “Why political rallies should be held at national cemeteries”.  Here’s an excerpt from Father Joshua J. Whitfield’s special to The Dallas Morning News:

What if, for example, all political campaigns, every rally and every debate, were held within the confines of our military cemeteries, amid the visible memory of so many of our hallowed dead?  Perhaps we’d sober up, cut out the nonsense and lies.  Perhaps we’d have better politicians.  And perhaps we’d have a better country, too.




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