❧The Valentine’s/Presidents’ Day Edition

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Q:  Why is Cupid a symbol for Valentine’s Day?  (Scroll down for the answer)

Hopefully, you’ve done the right thing and made plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your beloved.  WM and her sweetie went stepping out to Attic Secrets Cafe & Tea, in nearby Marysville, to partake of its Serenity Tea for Two–a Groupon gift she received from her daughter at Christmastime. Thanks Natalie!

tea4                      tea2

WM’s not certain what else might be in store for her on this special holiday dedicated to lovers, but let’s just say she’s leaving her options open…


WM with Attic Secrets Café & Tea waiter, Jordan.


The Drumpf (not a misspelling) Factor        


Now on to other news…  This being an election year with a certain Republican presidential hopeful, for better or worse, dominating the political headlines, here’s a little historical ditty on Donald Trump most folks don’t know.
Turns out you can blame Seattle for the early beginnings of his family’s rise to fame and fortune.
According to a July 28, 2015 Curbed Seattle article, by writer Sean Keeley, the Trump story literally began in Seattle where Trump’s grandfather, German-born immigrant Friedrich Drumpf, changed his name to Fred Trump.  The New York City transplant moved to Seattle in 1891 and launched a late-night restaurant in the seedy part of town.  Fred Trump’s business shared space with opium dens and brothels–an arrangement grandpa Fred would learn to take full advantage of.  (Seems “the Donald” comes by his err…entrepreneurial skills naturally).
Click on http://seattle.curbed.com/archives/2015/07donald-trump-seattle-fred–drumpf-restuarant-hotel.php for a fascinating read on how the candidate we love to hate got to the lofty place where he is today, by way of Seattle (of all places–yikes!)


Speaking of outsiders, ever wonder where all the Seattle newcomers are coming from (notwithstanding this transplant who hails from the great state of Delaware)?
The answer to that vexing question is all spelled-out in Curbed Seattle’s February 9, 2016 article written by Tom Trimbath on the subject.  According to Trimbath, so many people are moving to Seattle that demand in the housing market is rising faster than supply–a no brainer for Seattleites who struggle finding affordable places to live here.
“It takes less time to pack up a U-Haul and drive across country than it does to build a house”, says Trimbath.  “But, where are they (now part of we) coming from?”
California, Arizona and Illinois, according to Trimbath.
“Sparefoot put together a census of where newbies came from.  The top five out-of-state cities are 1.) Los Angeles, 2) Phoenix, San Diego, 4) Portland and 5) Chicago.
“Californians moving to Seattle is an old stereotype, especially when their real estate markets are profitable enough to create cash sales here.  Phoenix can be a bit of a surprise, maybe the drought that hit California convinced some Arizonans to decide to get wet for a while.  Has Portland become become so trendy that the trend is to move to the next city up I-5?  At least they already know good coffee, beer and have the right clothes.
“Chicago may be fifth, but considering its size, they could be the start of a new trend with a lot of people behind it; especially when they learn there’s a lot less to shovel around here–while also being able to drive to record setting snowpacks.
But the huge influx of newbies to Seattle is not all due to out-of-staters.
According to Sparefoot’s census, about 50% of the many new Seattleites came from within the state (Snohomish, Pierce, Spokane,Clark and Kitsap counties).
“The local moves from neighboring counties is easy enough to understand”, says Trimbath, chalking such transplants up to either job relocations, commute decisions, or maybe a desire to be closer to Seattle’s cultural activities…
According to Trimbath, few, if any, are moving here because of more affordable real estate (another no-brainer).  Seattle’s median house price is $530,100 vs. L.A. at $562,800; Phoenix at $187,200; San Diego at $528,700; Portland at $345,500; Chicago at $199,500; Snohomish County at $344,300; Pierce County at $256,800; Spokane County at $174,300, Clark County at $271,00 and Kitsap County at $279,700.
So, dear reader, if you’re considering relocating to Seattle, prepare yourself for some serious sticker shock when it comes to real estate.  Perhaps you might want to consider moving to the Sun Belt, where, unlike here, continuous rain is a relatively rare weather phenomenon.  Do pack a snow shovel, though, just in case…

WM8-),  wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

A:  Cupid is part of the Valentine’s Day iconography thanks to his historical association with classical Greek and Roman love stories.  The Roman love god, Cupid, known as Eros, in the ancient Greek religious tradition, was the son of the Roman goddess of love, Venus, or Aphrodite, in Greek stories.  To know more go to: http://get.smarter.com/qa/holidays-celebrations/cupid-symbol-valentine-s-day-608ea5accc023ccf?ad=dirN&ap=google.com&o=32235#

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