The Seahawks-less Super Bowl Edition

As this latest edition of Seattle Outsider Musings is being written, the Seahawks-less Superbowl showdown is about to unfold in less than an hour.  WM finds this a painfully difficult exercise but one that she must nonetheless rise above to get her message out there to her fan base (some of whom may not happen to be the least bit interested in football, and that’s quite all right with her!)

So, may the best team win (although the real “best” team won’t actually be on the field)… The half-time show should be fun, though, with headliners Coldplay, Bruno Mars and Beyonce (hopefully sans any wardrobe malfunctions!)

In Other Peripheral Super Bowl-Related News

Even though the home team won’t be playing in this year’s 50th Anniversary Big Game, WM has taken solace in preparing food for the occasion.  WM invites her readers to click on the link below for Eater’s take on the Superbowl-obligatory chicken wings.  WM herself is about to get her version fired-up for her guests to devour while assembled in her living room in front of the big screen TV.

Happy Super Bowl, dear reader, and may your chicken wings turn out to be MVPs.

Bon appetit!

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