The Post Columbus Day Edition

circa 1900: Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) Italian-born explorer of the New World. Photograph of a replica of his flagship, the 3-masted carrack, Santa Maria. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

circa 1900: Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) Italian-born explorer of the New World. Photograph of a replica of his flagship, the 3-masted carrack, Santa Maria. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

chris col
 Portrait of Christopher Columbus

A Man with a Checkered Past
Most of us would probably have been glad that we weren’t indigenous people living in the New World back in the late 1400s when Christopher Columbus “sailed the ocean blue”, first setting foot in San Salvador, now known as the Bahamas.
Though they couldn’t possibly have realized it then, Columbus’ “discovery of America” was the beginning of the end of the long-established indigenous life and culture that had existed up to that point in history.

chris col meeting the tribe
With all due respect to the late 15th century seafaring explorer, WM now cringes at the thought of how we modern Americans celebrate the annual holiday known as Columbus Day.  Blatant commercialization, combined with outright historical revisionism that has come to permeate our collective psyches, the annual holiday continues to be shamelessly hawked in Columbus’ honor.
Sorry, but WM ain’t buyin’ into the false lore any more. And for very good reason.
Christopher Columbus was awful (but this other guy was not) -Click here for the link to The Oatmeal’s account of Christopher Columbus’ exploits:

What Would Chief Sealth Think?


Speaking of native Americans, our beloved city of Seattle, (named–albeit Anglicized–for the once-great Duwamish Chief Sealth), one can’t help but wonder if he’s been turning over in his grave given the current state of economic and environmental affairs here.

Leave it to the New York Times to paint an accurate picture of how Seattle’s increasingly troublesome growing pains compare to those of our southern “sister city”, San Francisco.
“Seattle, in the Midst of Tech Boom, Tries to Keep Its Soul”, is a telling tale of two cities that don’t seem to like each other much.  Go to for further illumination on this complicated, evolving subject, by NYT Technology writer Nick Wingfield (Oct.8, 2015).


frommer pumpkins

It’s Pumpkin Pickin’ Time!

Curbed Seattle’s recent story on where to pick your own pumpkins says it all…
Haven’t picked your Halloween pumpkin yet?  You should get on that.  Only two more weekends left before the big day and you don’t want to be “that home.”  What better way to do it than snapping it straight from the patch?  Or at least from a stand on the farm where it grew?  Herewith, then, is a link to the Curbed Seattle article, which has an updated map of where you can pick your own pumpkin.  You’ve got two directional options. You can head north to Snohomish, Edmonds or Arlington.  Or you can go east to Fall City and Carnation.  Either way, you’ll have options for pumpkins patches, corn mazes, hay rides and more.  Call ahead to make sure they’ve still got enough pickins for you.


In “the Best of” Department

Jeremiah Leighton

Chef Jeremiah of The Cama Beach Café.  He’s been working as a cook since the age of 12.

Listen up, foodies.  What’s one of the first things you do when you relocate to a new city or state?  You explore the local restaurant scene, in between unpacking moving boxes, of course!  That’s exactly what WM did when she opted-out of Seattle’s explosive growth for the bucolic serene life of Camano Island, located about 80 miles north.  (Truth be told, WM still has friends and family in Seattle, so regular treks back to the Emerald City are common…)

So, when out-of-town friends paid a housewarming visit one weekend morning last month, off we went to Cama Beach Cafe to have breakfast.  Did we ever luck out on this find!  The Cafe, operated by well-known local restaurateur Donna King, is housed inside the Cama Retreat, the newly-built lodge nestled above the shoreline of Cama Beach State Park on the western center of the Island.   Cama Beach Cafe was recently voted the #1 (out of 15) eatery on Camano Island by Trip Advisor, and for good reason.  The food, expertly prepared by it’s gifted young Chef Jeremiah Leighton, is well worth making the out-of-the-way place a preferred dining destination.  (It doesn’t hurt that scenic paths abound outside it doors to aid in walking-off the weight gain you will no doubt experience…)  The even better news is that the Cafe is now “experimenting” with dinner service on rotating Friday nights, starting Oct. 16.

Here’s the premier menu:


Pretty awesome, huh?  [Full disclosure: WM will be there assisting, back of house…]

cama bch trip advisor

4.5 of 5 stars

☂ Bon appetit!

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