The Libra Ladies Edition


libra3  So, dear reader, have you reached the Club Medicare age of 65 yet?  Let it be known that this Libra boomer has just reached that landmark stage in the aging process and must admit she’s not necessarily happy about it…  Things could be worse, I could be dead.  The key is to grow old as gracefully as one possibly can, always endeavoring to keep gravity and other youth-defying factors at bay that conspire against us daily…


Ken Wiley-kplu

KPLU DJ, Ken Wiley

Despite the internet era we’re now living in, WM remains committed to appreciating and harkening back to “the good old days”.  You know, before people regularly went about their business with their faces pressed up against their cell phone or laptop keypads, typing text messages or playing games, oblivious to the real world around them.  You know, like when social skills, common courtesy and just plain doing the right thing mattered…  This, by the way, is one of the reasons WM tunes-in to KPLU’s “The Art of Jazz” every Sunday afternoon when she’s within earshot.  DJ/radio host Ken Wiley sure knows how to put it down for us classic “jazzoid” listeners!  (Consider that a plug for the station and Mr. Wiley…)



Canlis restaurant, overlooking Lake Union, Seattle

Good Deeds Done, Seattle-Style

Speaking of doing the right thing, WM wants to give a well-deserved shout out to the owners of Canlis, who recently went WAY beyond the call of duty. For the first time ever, in its storied 65 years in business, Canlis closed its doors to the paying public and became an emergency shelter, tending to the needs of emergency personnel and family members of victims of the horrific Sept. 24 Ride the Ducks accident–a humbling act of compassion and grace on their part. (For those living outside the Seattle area, five people have died so far as a result of the tragic Aurora bridge accident. Nine other victims remain hospitalized, while Ride the Ducks operations have been suspended until at least Nov. 1, pending the results of a formal investigation).☹

On a more upbeat note, yours truly just turned 65 (you’re probably wondering what’s “upbeat” about that scenario…) Well, no one knows how to turn a negative into a positive better than this aging boomer, and I’ve got the pictures to prove it! Scroll down and enjoy seeing the Birthday Girl in her element while being wined & dined at Skagit County’s famed Oyster Bar beside scenic Puget Sound…
Cheers & be well!
WM ♨

 Margaret, showing a little leg, as it were, outside the entrance to The Oyster Bar
Yours truly, giving thanks to the gods of wine and seafood after finishing her meal and taking-in the TO DIE FOR view from the patio where we were seated…
 Margaret in a little dance pose with her delightful and most-engaging waiter, John (who has worked at The Oyster Bar for 35 years).
 Margaret contemplates (scowls at?) Mike’s dessert selection of Pavlova cake topped with fresh berries.  (Yes, I did try a bite and it was deeeeee-lish!)
 The westward view, overlooking Puget Sound.  No further explanation necessary…
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