St. Paddy’s Day edition

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Spring Just Can’t Arrive Soon Enough
Maybe not so much for the Pacific Northwest, which mercifully escaped winter’s wrath this year, but for pretty much the rest of the country, definitely!  Not to rub it in, but here in Seattle the daffodils have been in full bloom for weeks, cherry blossoms have just about come and gone, and hydrangea and azalea are set to flower any day now.  The down side to all this unseasonably mild weather (if there could be one!) is that people were actually out mowing their lawns inFebruary…Tough, huh?
Did Someone Say A “Field Trip” in March?
Sign ME up!  (Sure beats collecting salamander eggs in designated thawing ponds when I worked for the Chair of the Zoology Dept. at Yale back in the day, goodness knows!)
Taste Washington rolls into the CenturyLink Field Event Center on March 28 and 29, with all manner of fare for foodies to sample…
But wait there’s more!
 wine6                          wine4
For the serious adventurer, consider adding an extra day for the inaugural “Taste Washington on the Farm” preview.  The trek around Vashon Island with Kurtwood Farms owner Kurt Timmermeister is already sold out. Still available as of this posting are trips to Snohomish Valley and Samish Bay.
The Samish Bay trip is hosted by Marcelle Taylor of renowned Taylor Shellfish and, according to, “involves a ‘deep dive’ into learning about the oyster growing process, plus plenty of fresh-shucked oysters on the halfshell and other delightful foods prepared by their knowledgeable oyster bar staff”, adding that winemaker Kevin Cedergreen (Cedargreen Cellars) will be pouring wines, and Britts Pickles owner Trap Landy will talk about fermentation.
In Snohomish, Willie Greens Organic owner Jeff Miller will show wine lovers around the farm, then Lloyd Martin’s Chef Crannell will serve up lunch.  The menu will include four courses:
Grilled Macrina baguette, Beecher’s aged cheddar  NW Peaks bar cheese
Willie Green’s Radish Pork and Grilled “Ham”
Willie Greens Arugula Salad
Apple Tart
Dan Albert of Farmbox Greens will discuss microgreens and Robert Ramsey will provide the wine.  Contact…com for further information.
P1070059 - Copy
Late, Breaking News
OMG, this is sooooooo cool, particularly for those of us who reside in West Seattle–“the birthplace of Seattle”.
Alki’s homestead has finally been bought by a committed historic restoration savior.  The long-overdue project is in the very beginning stages of its resurrection after a fire nearly destroyed the building in 2009.
The community is invited to gather at Husky Deli in West Seattle for more details about plans for the historic landmark at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday March 18.  Or contact Clay Eals at the Southwest Seattle Historical Society, (206) 484-8008.
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