Walla Walla Bing Bang

And so it was, for those of us in the trade and media, who got to preview samplings of Walla Walla, Washington’s best offerings at the February 9 wine tasting event before the general public gained entry later.


Over 50 wineries were represented at McCaw Hall (where the building’s Donor plaque that’s stationed inside the Seattle Center edifice reads like a Who’s Who in the region… Not to mention the whimsical vortex sculpture that hangs in the lobby and other artwork featured throughout!)

P1060734                     IMG_1694

Thanks to SEATTLE OUTSIDER MUSINGS editor/in-house photographer Mike Martin (who served as “designated driver” after the event), we were able to capture the essence of what the famed Walla Walla wine growing region has to offer without having to endure the six-hour drive to get there from Seattle.
When WM was asked by a “foodie” friend to name her favorite wine was, she diplomatically answered “all of them”.


Seriously, though, the day’s most memorable moments were when WM came across the dead ringer for Martha Stewart (the lifestyle mogul used to be WM’s neighbor when the two lived in the same Westport, Conn. hometown back in the day…) This younger Martha-lookalike sommelier was most gracious in accepting the compliment of being compared to that other Martha–heck, who wouldn’t???
college cellars1                                                  IMG_1576

But then there was College Cellars of Walla Walla Community College, whose mission it is to turn out wine experts. (It doesn’t hurt that students of the viticulture institution actually stomp some of their harvested grapes by foot as part of their education, “providing as many learning opportunities as possible”, according to College Cellars spokeswoman Danielle Swan-Froese…)

P1060738                    nwfags

Romance Blooms at the 27th Annual Northwest Flower & Garden Show
Being a born-and-raised east coaster, accustomed to attending the famed Philadelphia Flower Show, I’m not sure if it can be topped. But this transplanted home gardener is certainly open to being convinced otherwise, with event producer, Terry O’Laughlin, boasting “Everybody has gone above and beyond this year”, with 50 percent more flowers in bloom than past years. The show runs Feb. 11 through Feb. 15 at the Seattle Convention Center, 7th Avenue and Pike Street; general admission is $22, with discounts for groups, kids and late day entry. Visit gardenshow.com for further information.

And speaking of the east coast, deepest sympathies to friends and loved ones for all the blizzards they’ve had to endure these past several weeks.  Spring IS on it’s way…

Tomorrow is never
so today i want all my
and family to know how
THANKFUL i am that
ALL OF YOU are in my life.

Wordsmith Maggie

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