Can Can Seattle With Drinks and Bites

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I must confess, dear reader, that pangs of guilt have been sweeping over me after posting SOM’s 2/7 edition without having completed the entire list of 20 places where to drown your Super Bowl sorrows. (Darn those pesky deadlines!)
So, for those of you who still might need a little extra time to process the Hawks’ humiliating defeat (vs. rePete) last Sunday, we pick up in alphabetical order with number 6:
> Blueacre Seafood, Seafood Restaurant, $$$$
1700 7th Avenue
(206) 659-0737
Deal: Damn good food for $7 (blackened catfish tacos, crab and bay shrimp tots, moules frites, etc.)…
> Chan, Korean Restaurant, $$$$
83 Pine Street
(206) 443-5443
Deal: Interesting food offerings, such as a kimchi jar, sliders (bulgogi, spicey pork) oysters and stuffed yuba…
> Crow, Restaurant, $$$$
823 5th Avenue
(206) 283-8800
Deal: Small plates for $5 (smoked salmon carpaccio and duck & pistachio pate are standouts, $2 oysters on the half shell, $10 for the famous lasagna…
> Japonessa, Sushi Restaurant, $$$$
1400 1st Avenue
(206) 971-7979
Deal: The place nearly offers happy hour 24/7. Lots of rolls, sashimi and small plates ($8 – $15)…
> Lecosho, Restaurant, $$$$
89 University Street
(206) 623-2101
Deal: Wine, bubbles $5, tap beer $3, cocktail $5. Fantastic food, like spaetzle with brown butter & pecorino romano $5…

We’re at the half-way mark now, folks. Take a deep breath and continue on with your guide to the best happy hour venues Seattle has to offer during these difficult post game times, commencing with the M’s:

> Metropolitan Grill, Steakhouse, $$$$
820 2nd Avenue
(206) 624-3287
Deal: The downtown eatery refers to it’s Mon. – Fri., 3 – 6 pm happy hour as ‘Seattle’s Best’, for the killer deals, like French dip sandwiches for $4, and The Works burger for $7…
> Mistral Kitchen, New American Restaurant, $$$$
2020 Westlake Avenue
(206) 623-1922
Deal: [It] isn’t dumbed down. The bites tend to be small, but they’re good and an accurate sample of the full menu. The wine and cocktails are also a swell deal.
> Ravish, New American Restaurant, $$$$
2956 Eastlake Avenue E.
(206) 913-2497
Deal: Food specials ranging from Pigs in a Blanket to a Trio of Spreads ($5.50), and tons o’ drink deals between $4.50 – $6.75…
> RN74, French Restaurant, $$$$
1433 4th Avenue
(206) 456-7474
Deal: Big discounts on food ($3 – $6) and drinks for $6…
> Roxy’s Diner, Diner, $$$$
462 N. 36th Street
(206) 632-3963
Deal: If Roxy’s is open, there is a happy hour on. $2 Mimosas, $4 double Mimosas, $4 Mini Marys, and $2 Pabst Blue Ribbon make this a mini oasis for the cheap drink. [And here’s the kicker:] Tons of east coast favorites on the regular menu. (Note: Former east coaster Wordsmith Maggie was unable to get further details on what those so-called east coast faves might be as of this update…)
> Stoneburner, Italian Restaurant, $$$$
5214 Ballard Avenue NW
(206) 695-2051
Deal: There are five salads and five pizzas on the menu, all for $8. there’s also three draught beers ($5), six cocktails ($7), 500 ml flasks of house white, red, or rose ($10)…
> The Baranof, Restaurant/Karaoke Bar
8549 Greenwood Avenue North
(206) 782-9260
Deal: A real watering hole up in Green Lake with a classic happy hour: $3 wells and $3 select tall can of beer…
(“The Bloody Marys should come with a warning that you best be ready to ride the lightening”, according to Seattle Weekly reporter Ma’Chell Duma LaVassar, adding “Fork over the extra couple bucks for a premium well pour and fasten your seat belt…”) Ahhhhhh, my kinda place!
> The Saint, Bar, $$$$
1416 E. Olive Way
(206) 323-9922
Deal: There are tacos (carne, asada and mole) nachos, little enchiladas, five cocktails for $5.50, and lots of other stuff (tequila!) that will make this your new favorite happy hour spot if it isn’t already.
> Toulouse Petit Kitchen & Lounge, Cajun/Creole Restaurant, $$$$
601 Queen Anne Avenue
(206) 432-9069
Deal: Happy hour cocktails are $8.50 and you simply can’t beat the enormo food menu: it’s huge!…
> Umi Sake House, Sushi Restaurant, $$$$
2230 1st Avenue
(206) 374-8717
Deal: The menu is almost overwhelming, but the food is consistently good. Lots of rolls and small plates…
Had your fill of booze & food?  Time now for a coffee chaser…

howard schultz

What Does Starbucks’ Howard Schultz Know About America?
Plenty, according to this week’s cover story from TIME magazine by Rana Foroohar.
To paraphrase, Foroohar writes that Schultz has taken on issues in recent years such as student debt, health care, veterans’ rights, youth unemployment and gun violence.
But on an icy January afternoon in New York City where Schultz was leading a forum on race, he delved deeply into the controversial subject matter where most other corporate leaders rarely tread, lest they upset their shareholders…
Like a candidate holding forth during a televised town hall meeting, the unabashed 61-year-old CEO spoke from a spot on the floor near the crowd.
“Conversations are being ignored because people are afraid to touch the issue”, said Schultz to his audience.  “But if I ignore this and keep ringing the register, then I become part of the problem.  So here we are.  Let’s talk.”
Talk and listen, they did…  Learn more in the Feb. 16 issue of TIME.


Last, but certainly not least, is further information about Seattle’s very own Can Can cabaret in historic Pike’s Place Market
For all you lovers out there still longing for a place to go to spend the special occasion with your sweetie, sorry, but you’re outta luck on 14th.  To no one’s surprise, all performances are sold out.  The good news is that “early birds” who don’t mind getting in on the action one day early, tickets are still available for the Feb. 13th performances at 7:00 and 9:30 pm.
Make no mistake about it, this is about as close as you’re gonna get to the Parisian experience here in the Pacific Northwest, so WM recommends you go for it now!

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