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So, while Seattleites are still drowning our collective SB sorrows over last Sunday’s last-minute loss to the New England Patriots*, we actually do have other things on our minds (forward thinkers that we are) such as…
* Scroll down for some Wordsmith Maggie postmortem reflections. plus 20 bar destinations to help fans heal their lingering grief.

Saint Valentine’s Day!vd4
And what better place to celebrate the traditional February 14 date devoted to lovers than with An Underground Dinner and Show at the Can Can?
can can3

According to Eater Seattle’s Colin Bishop, the miniscule venue sports a big personality…
“Stepping into the dimly lit, subterranean hideaway of the Can Can, the modern world above fades into vintage Seattle. The ‘burlesque on steroids’ venue, as manager Jeff Ramsey describes it, is carved out of the bowels of Pike Place Market’s Corner Market building and is reminiscent of Seattle pre-1889 fire, when the city had a certain grit and grime and downtown pulsed one level lower than it does today.
“The ceiling isn’t square, but rather follows the slant of the street above it; a vintage skylight near the bar looks up towards pedestrians scurrying at street level. Throwback velvet and brocade accents add a vintage feel.
“Five nights a week, the in-house dance troupe puts on a stellar performance, high-kicking and twirling within inches of audience members, all in a space barely bigger than the average Seattle studio apartment. And amidst it all, servers are adeptly navigating the crowded room to serve a meal that as captivating as the scantily-clad burlesque performers gyrating a few feel away.”

Postmortem Reflections a la Wordsmith Maggie
In her best Aunty Acid-esque fashion, WM’s advice to those of you out there who still can’t quite wrap your brains around the home team’s SB loss last Sunday is:
Ghet o’vah it! (That’s how you say it with a [tee hee] Boston accent…) Don’t worry, honey, the Hawks will return next season, lessons learned, with a vengeance–Go Hawks!
– To help you truly get over it and begin to move on (c’mon, it’s just a sport, right?), WM once again defers to the “better” judgment of Eater Seattle with Julien Perry’s picks of the Top 20 Seattle bars you may wish to patronize to drown your sorrows. (For brevity’s sake, Perry’s first five faves are listed in alphabetical order below. Go to for details about the other top 15 ):
1. Ba Bar (Vietnamese Restaurant) – $$$$
550 12th Ave.
(206) 328-2030
Deal: So much good stuff to choose from; grilled skewers ($5), a bowl of exceptional frites w/caramelized shallot and spicy soy vinaigrette ($4) and spicy saigon chicken wings ($8) to name just a few…
2. Bar Cotto (Italian Restaurant) – $$$$
1546 15th Ave.
(206) 838-8081
Deal: $5 salads (roasted fennel, escarole, corona bean & cauliflower) and $8 pizzas…
3. Barolo Ristorante (Italian Restaurant) – $$$$
1940 Westlake Ave.
(206) 770-9000
Deal: Half off a pretty extensive menu from 3pm-6:30pm…
4. Barrio Mexican Kitchen & Bar (Mexican Restaurant) – $$$$
1420 12th Ave.
(206) 588-8105                                                                                                                                 Deal: A substantial menu featuring The Triple T: One tecate, one tequila, and one taco ($10). All tequila & mescal is 50% off when ordered as a flight, plus $4.50 draft beer. Editors Note: Alone or in combination (gulp), this sounds like the answer to ALL your woes! Until the morning after, of course…                                                                                       5. Bitterroot BBQ (BBQ Joint) – $$$$
5239 Ballard Ave. NW
(206) 588-1577
Deal: Pulled pork and braised beef sandwiches for $5. Vegetarians won’t feel left out with hush puppies, cornbread with honey butter, fries and cheddar grits…                                 (6-20 to be continued, online, as directed above)

That’s all for now, folks & Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovers out there!

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