Superbowl 2015

repete            superbowl

Never mind “deflategate“, a name that will hopefully disappear soon from our au courant sports lexicon… The New England Patriots have bigger fish to fry, at Super Bowl Sunday’s match-up against the Seattle Seahawks in Arizona, than to be bothered with such an inconvenient notion as cheating! Even if you’re not a football fan (and I confess I wasn’t one until I relocated to Seattle where it became obvious that it is wise for newcomers to at least pretend to be Hawks fans), it’s hard to not get caught up in all the hype & hoopla.
I’ll leave it at that, dear reader, other than to say Wordsmith Maggie will be hosting extended family members here on the home front to watch Sunday afternoon’s Big Game. The food and comraderie will be awesome.  As for who will prevail, all I can say is Go Hawks!

aussie tennis

Tennis, Anyone?
Hellooooo… The Australian Open is in full swing (pun intended). Is anyone out there paying attention with all the Super Bowl mania going on? Well, just in case you’ve been preoccupied with that other sport, things are looking good for Americans to make it to the finals of the Down Under Grand Slam. Sizzlin’ Serena has picked up the level of her game as she continues to be challenged in the semi-finals of the tournament.  As it stands, it will be an American-Russian showdown in the Women’s Finals this coming weekend.

A Special Message To Folks on the East Coast During the Winter Storm, “the Likes of Which We’ve Never Seen”

aunty acid

As Aunty Acid says:  Be careful diggin’ out…

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