The Winter Solstice Edition

☃ Seasons greetings from snow-less Seattle!
Few here in the Puget Sound region are complaining about the absence of the white stuff. Those who do know they need only head to the Cascade Mountains, about an hour’s drive east, equipped with tire chains (usually required for travel in those altitudes this time of year), along with whatever winter sports gear they choose for hitting the high hills.  The rest of us city slickers don our mukluks and umbrellas, then pray for signs of an early spring.  Some of us actually sprout webbed feet, but don’t tell anybody you heard it from me! (Shhhh–It’s Seattle’s dirty little secret!)

But, heck, it’s late December and 2015 is right around the corner!  What better time than now for Seattle Outsider Musing to wax poetic in an abbreviated year-end review of most things regional.  Continue scrolling down, dear reader, for Maggie’s somewhat twisted take on life in the Pacific Northwest.

–  The tunnel-boring behemoth known as Bertha is still out of action, 20 months to date, at last check.  What was once touted as Seattle’s savior for replacing its antiquated (and now sinking!) Highway 99 has since turned into a cost-overrunning, engineering nightmare.  If you happen to live locally, consider alternate “Plan B” north-south routes, until further notice, sometime in 2017.  Hmmmm… Makes one wonder if drones could be capable of carrying people to work.  Amazon,  are you working on it?  Oh, never mind!


– The Pacific Northwest Ballet’s beloved Kent Stowell/Maurice Sendak Nutcracker, took it’s last bow at the Seattle Opera House, a cherished holiday tradition for legions of kids and grown-ups alike.  As reported by the Seattle Times’ Shirley Qui, the final performance–with its fantastical creatures, dreamy dances and grown-before-your-eyes giant Christmas tree–was a hit, adding that a roaring ovation that lasted more than seven minutes followed the final curtain call.  Stay tuned for more details on the overhaul of next year’s set design.

seahawks logo

– Last but certainly not least, The Seahawks continue to amaze their fans (and foes)!  In the team’s latest NFC West match-up with the Arizona Cardinals, the Hawks started slow, but gradually worked up to a steamroller blowout of 35 – 6.  Sniff, sniff.  Anybody else smelling SuperBowl XLIX?


But Wait, There’s More–ALASKA or Bust!

So, you might be inclined to think there’s still plenty of time to consider booking a mid-September, 2015 Totem Cruise to Alaska, right?  Good news/bad news…
As the calendar goes, yes, there IS still time.  But if you wanna book one of the best berths aboard the ship (there really aren’t any “bad” ones, but I’m talkin’ about the special suites with a wide picture window, or better yet, a balcony) ya betta get on the stick.  OMG, there willl be soooooo many amazing things to see and do, both on- and off-board at the four ports of call.  (Did Wordsmith Maggie mention that she was the lucky winner of a coveted FREE 8-day trip for two on the MS Westerdam of the Holland America Line?)
If you’re a bona fide foodie, and would love to learn the secrets of preparing sustainable seafood dishes featuring wild-caught seafood harvested in the Pacific Northwest, you are NOT going to want to miss signing-up for the cooking demonstration, aboard ship with Duke’s Chowder House’s executive chef, “Wild” Bill Ranniger (and, Duke himself).
To find out more, visit the cruise’s official sponsor, Southwest Seattle Historical Society, at, or call Clay Eals at (206) 938-5293.

H A P P Y   H O L I DA Y S ☂

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