Seattle Outsider Musings

Oh, the Joys of Aging!

…And catching up with old friends!
You know, the folks you haven’t quite been able to keep up with in a truly meaningful way for far too long?
Well, Wordsmith Maggie just returned from such a reunion in San Francisco to rekindle her friendship with Edie Harris, which dates back to the mid-70’s in the heart of NYC’s Greenwich Village.  At that time, Maggie and Edie had different boyfriends (Maggie’s, a famous bass player, Nabil Totah, who was in a band that played regularly at Edie’s former boyfriend’s now long-defunct nightclub “Willy’s”).
It’s a long story, but we managed to catch up just like it was yesterday. (Edie, bless her heart, is a SERIOUS long-distance walker, and nearly destroyed Maggie’s delicate calves whilst getting around the City by the-Bay on foot).  More pictures to follow in the next blog posting…

San Francisco

Speaking of Traveling…

Even in a metropolis as big as Seattle, restaurants where Hollywood actors go to partake of the local fare when visiting is Big News. So sayeth, which reported that megastar Al Pacino dined with six guests at Pioneer Square Italian eatery Il Terrazzo Carmine. It was recommended by the concierge at the Four Seasons Hotel where Pacino was staying.

“Wearing black with ‘his hair standing straight up’, Pacino ate a salad and Eggplant Parmigiana.” (Excellent choice, Al). “While guests ‘sneaked peeks’, Pacino was ‘treated politely’ by diners.  He commented after the meal that it tasted just like he remembered his grandmother made it back in Naples.  How sweet…

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