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Alright, so the weather in Seattle wasn’t exactly perfect this past weekend…  (Come to think of it, when was the last time we actually had a weekend that wasn’t rain-soaked on at least one of the days)?  While inclement weather may have helped with potential crowd control/parking issues at some of the local fund-raising plant sale events, it didn’t deter this gardener!
Much to my utter delight, I attended the 2nd Annual Seattle-Luoyang Peony Festival at Seattle Chinese Garden (highlighted in last week’s “Mark Your Calendar” section of this blog), and discovered what I can only say is one of the area’s best kept secrets.  The grounds are perched on 4.6 acres and are accessible at the North entrance to the South Seattle Community College campus in West Seattle’s Delridge neighborhood.  Festival goers were treated to traditional Chinese music, dragon dances and other forms of special entertainment, art demonstrations and food.  The big draw, of course, were the tree peonies, a feast for both the eyes and olfactory senses, with more than 400 newly-planted specimens–two dozen varietals–from Luoyang to admire.  (For the uninitiated, Luoyang is the famed peony capital of China).

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If bamboo is more your thing, you’ll want to attend the next Seattle China Garden event coming up May 17 & 18.  Admission is free to all visitors, but donations are always welcome, especially given SCG’s ambitious expansion plans.  Or consider becoming a member of SCG’s Bamboo Circle, “a core of friends, community leaders, and philanthropists who support the Garden’s cultural, educational, and community mission to meet the goal of building the largest Sichuan-style garden outside China”.  Go to, or call office manager Katie Yuen at (206) 934-5219 for further information.

Until next time, dear reader…

P.S.  While making a purchase at the event’s check out table, I spotted an artist’s rendering of the plans for SCG’s unfinished projects.  My request to take a photo of it were declined, as it hasn’t even been posted to it’s web site yet.  Keep an eye out for when that happens–it’s VERY impressive!

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