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Of unknown origin, April Fools’ Day may have begun around 1582, in France, when the Gregorian calendar was introduced and New Year’s Day changed from April 1st to January 1st.

What better topic to start out with than March Madness.  (Sorry that nobody out there won the Quicken Loans/Warren Buffett $1B bracket challenge.)

So, after two weeks of tumultuous upsets, it’s now down to the Final Four, with Kentucky eking out a victory over Michigan State to face the Wisconsin Badgers, and No. 1 Florida Gators, fresh from their Saturday night 62-52 commanding win over the 11th-seeded Dayton Flyers, facing U Conn.  It’s anybody’s guess who will wind up in the grand finale…

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Out of 10 contenders from the Northwest & Pacific region, Bar Sajor’s (pronounced sigh yor), Edouardo Jordan is the one and only chef representing Seattle for FOOD & WINE’S 2014 list of the People’s Best New Chef awards (check out Gayot for a restaurant review). 

According to F & W, here’s why Edouardo is “amazing”:  Because he went from being a server at Bennigan’s (his first restaurant job) to cooking curious edibles (like spruce tips and chrysanthemum greens) over wood and fire at one of Seattle’s hippest new restaurants.  His credentials also include Sitka & Spruce (Seattle); Lincoln, Per Se (NYC), and The Herbfarm in Woodinville, Wash.)

Voting ends March 31; go to: and select your favorite chef(s) from among the 100 most talented chef nominees, from ten different regions across the country.

As previously mentioned in this blog, Renee Erickson’s first cookbook, A Boat, a Whale, and a Walrus: Menus and Stories (Sasquatch) is up for a James Beard Award.  Fremont’s Book Larder is already taking pre-orders; otherwise copies to be signed by the author will be available after September 30.

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Music To Our Ears?

And lastly, for experienced & non-experienced travelers alike arriving at Seattle-Tacoma (aka SeaTac) International Airport, the Central Terminal will now be home to twice as many musicians playing more hours, as part of the the airport’s “Experience The City of Music” program.  Jimi Hendrix would be proud…

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