Seattle Outsider Musings

            To Seattleites, the name Bertha (not to be confused with “Big Bertha” of WWI German howitzer fame, nor the University of Texas at Austin’s extreme percussive band instrument, the golf club label, comic book character, and so on) is, well…a BIG deal!

The Bertha that’s most near and dear to our proud little Puget Sound hearts was so named in honor of Seattle’s first (and to-date only) woman mayor back in 1926.  Seems Her Honor and her modern-day tunnel-boring namesake share one other thing in common: a history of running into obstacles whilst navigating their respective realms.

Bertha Knight Landes, the erstwhile civic activist-turned politician, was a one term mayor known for going up against rife corruption in the male-dominated political environment of the time.

The other Bertha is still a work in progress, but she’s already met her own formidable resistance of a subterranean kind.  In her defense, Bertha will undoubtedly prevail in her delayed efforts to clear the way for replacing the antiquated eyesore SR-99 viaduct, barring lawsuits, earthquakes, sink holes, ancient mammoth tusk finds and whatever else that might stand in her way of moving forward…

Hopefully all this fuss will be well behind us by 2019 when Seattle’s CenturyLink Field could possibly host its first ever NFL Superbowl championship.  Til then, go ‘Hawks (AND Bertha!)

Stay tuned for more Seattle Outsider musings

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